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backing tracks for Broadway – Show – Film

  • musicalplaybacks.de offers professional backing tracks from musicals, theatre, film and more
  • all tracks have been completely re-produced in the style of the original cast recording
  • the tracks are available for direct download in compressed format (mainly as AAC with 192bit, older tracks as MP3), uncompressed versions (wave format) can also be made available on request and for a small surcharge
  • We can also create custom backing tracks for you to use. Feel free to let us know! Do you need a medley of different tracks, or a specific track in a different key or tempo? musicalplaybacks.de is there for you.
  • personalised service and advice
  • from vocalists for vocalists

Looking for professional backing tracks? Do you love to sing? Are you a musical theatre lover? Here you will find hundreds of professionally produced backing tracks from musical theatre shows, films and more. All of the tracks have been produced from scratch in the style of the original versions. Do you need a particular song in a different key? No problem. Just ask and we’ll see what we can do. There are also hard-to-find versions available, and you can get your own customised version if you want. All you need to do is write an email with all your contact details, the song you want and the latest delivery date. My reply will be as soon as possible.